DJ Josh Adams


About Us

DJ Josh Adams

DJ Josh Adams has had a passion for music his entire life. Growing up playing guitar and piano, DJ Josh Adams first discovered the world of DJ'ing while going to college in New York City. Quickly learning his trade on the turntables, DJ Josh Adams began playing in clubs and at private parties. 

Integrating his musical background into his sets, DJ Josh Adams is an expert at reading the crowd and incorporates many different styles/genres of music including but not limited to Pop/Top 40s, Dance,  70s, 80s, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Classic Rock and Oldies.

DJ Josh Adams believes music can bring people together like no other medium can, and his expertise at rocking the crowd makes for truly one-of-a-kind events.

Why Us?

DJ Josh Adams uses the most modern and cutting edge equipment and will tailor his DJ set to meet your event's specific needs. Whether you need a basic package with music or an advanced package with lighting and effects, DJ Josh Adams will work with you to make sure all your needs are met.